MPPT regulator

Solar MPPT battery charge regulator

SXR 30

Device works as a DC/DC converter.

Voltage of solar modules is converted into the appropriate voltage for battery charge, not allowing overcharging and too deep battery discharge.

The inverter is designed in switching technology to achieve a high degree of usability. If the battery has not reached the highest voltage, converter then charges the battery with maximum power that the solar module can currently provide.

This operating mode is MPPT - maximum power point tracking.

Regulator has LCD display and four keys for easy use and monitoring.


Data sheet

PV module voltage 20-80 VDC
rated battery voltage 24V
output voltage adjustment 25-30V
max. output current 30A
no load consumption < 0,8 mA
working temperature 0°C to 40°C
cooling natural
dimensions(width x height x depth) 120 x 240 x 90 mm
weight 1,6 kg

Solar battery charge regulator

SXR 12-10

Solar regulator SXR 10-12 converts solar module voltage into compatible battery voltage. Prevents battery overcharge.

sxr 10-12 sxr 10-12 sxr

Basic technical data:

PV module voltage to 50V
battery nominal voltage 12V or 24V
max. output current 10A
output voltage reglation 12 - 15V
no load consumption <5mA
working temperature 0°C do 40°C
cooling prirodno
dimensions (width x height x depth) 60 x 30 x 120 mm
weight oko 0,5kg