Solar power systems


Solar power systems: solar panels, solar batteries, sine waveform inverter and MPPT battery charge regulator.

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Solar inverter converts DC voltage 24V(battery) to AC 230V, 50Hz, for load power supply. It has a built-in LCD display with 4 buttons that allows easy handling and tracking data of the device. Electronic protection against short circuit at the output, overload and deep discharge batteries protection. MOSFET switching technology and DSP (digital signal processing) regulation.


Battery charge regulator converts solar modules voltage into the appropriate voltage for charging batteries, not allowing battery overcharging. MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) regulator is designed in switching technology to achieve a high degree of usability. If the battery has not reached the highest voltage, regulator then charges the battery with maximum power that the solar module can currently provide. It also has a built-in LCD display and keypad with 4 buttons for easy use and monitoring.